After the first round of damage, it will only summon one egg on the next go around, so leave Gooigi in front of the boss so that the T.Rex eats him. When they center in towards you, press ZL and ZR to blow the hats upside down. Watch out for where the spotlight focuses as the piano will jump to these locations and try to smash you. Keep track of who the real King Boo is and avoid his attacks as before. During the final round, the lights will turn off briefly. You’ll see several flowers on the right side of it. When he's defeated, you'll earn the 2nd Floor button. Flash them with your light, and then suck them up. You are on a yellow duck-shaped floaty. Be wary as flashing red ones are about to go off. He's not the sneakiest of ghosts, though. Here's how to defeat every boss in Luigi's Mansion 3. Launch it at the ghost as soon as you can and then return to Gooigi. Install the button and take it down to the next area so that we can Explore B2 - Boilerworks. Do the same things as before until the hotel owner is defeated. Suck up Toad and shoot him at the Skeleton to destroy it. Now you need to figure out which of the remaining spooks has the button. The men's bathroom has two stalls. He'll get away from you and will head back in the tank. You need to be somewhat fast when doing this, or else the ghosts will reset to the beginning of the dance. She's hiding in the cabinet that's been stabbed with knives. At this point, the T-Rex is really angry and unhooks himself from his tether. Head through the … His tongue does a few different things. These rotate and hurt Luigi if they touch him, so you'll need to keep him away from them. Head south from the elevator to spot an information desk directly in front of you. We'll walk you through the first section and then move on to the second section. Run up to it and suck away the sand while dodging attacks from the sand cobras above. Slam him around on the ground to make him lose health faster. Then switch to Gooigi and have him do the same. While she's stunned, suck her in and slam her around. Now you can lower his health by sucking him in and slamming him around. When Luigi tries to put the button back in, a purple cat takes it from him. You now have a choice. Head up the ladder and flash Clem while he's down. You'll find her in the room with the four TVs. Exit and head west, past the elevator, to the locked door, which you can now open. Now you'll need to head back to the elevator. Eventually, you'll suck away enough health that you'll be able to capture him. This will suck away one of her tails. Floor 13 Gems: Collect all the gems in the Fitness Center. Once more, turn your back on her to get her to come close and then flash the Strobulb in her eyes. He'll break away from you, and the process will repeat until all of his armor has been knocked off. On any given day you'll find her drawing with her Wacom tablet, playing video games, or reading a good book. Repeat the same process as before. Once you've figured out which ghost has the button, get close to it and press ZL and ZR at the same time. Head into the observation room and investigate the small white trash bin that’s on the floor to find this hidden Boo. Once you've hit him, quickly run up to him, use the Strobulb to daze him, and then suck his health in. The ghost that's holding the button dances a little slower than the rest. This Boo will be hiding in the Exhibit Hall of the 9 floor. The DJ will take hold of the button and come onto the dance floor. Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Floor 9 Gem Locations (Unnatural History Museum) Luigi's Mansion 3 - 9F All Gem Locations. She's hiding in the tub. Part 1 of The Luigi’s Mansion 3 Multiplayer DLC is arriving on April 30, 2020 that will bring three new minigames for multiplayer Screampark Mode. You’ll see several glass cases in this initial area, including one holding the Yellow Gem, but we won’t be able to get into any of them just yet. To avoid the fire, dodge around them. Cost of Part 1 DLC is $9.99 USD and $12.59CAD. Suck up the Toad and shoot him through the glass to release the Gem [3/6] (9F: Unnatural History Museum – Yellow Gem). Latest commented pages. It will eat it. You've beaten every major boss in the hotel and saved your Mushroom Kingdom pals. You'll find her dangling from the ledge above the window. Upon returning back through the curtain, look on the right to find a Gem in a glass case. When she's close behind you and standing on her hind legs, she'll reveal her eyes to you. Studio 2: Castle Set. Blue lights will appear to let you know what direction the water will be coming from. Suction Shot the side of the cabinet and then suck the plunger back to expose the cat. They'll start off floating in a line in front of you; then they'll each disappear into their hats. Corellium's Chris Wade says Linux is now "completely usable" on the M1 Mac mini when booting from a USB stick. He'll get away from you and re-enter his piano. Defeat them to be able to catch the kitty. Floor 3. Floor 15 Gems: Collect all the gems in the Master Suite. This floor is like every other floor in Luigi’s Mansion 3 as it has six gems to collect. You'll find that she tends to move between hiding inside two buildings and hiding underneath the bench. Return to the elevator with Toad and a scene will play. He'll eventually break away and find something new to cover his eyes with. Now switch back to Luigi and suck up another ball. Where we found it: Exhibit Hall, in a covered painting. Dodge the playing cards they throw towards you and then watch as they spin around you. He'll smash the ground and send a shock wave. When this happens, you need to flash your Strobulb at him. Look above the elevator to spot a pterodactyl Skeleton hanging from the roof. Whether you're on the first floor or the top floor, we've got the tips you need to defeat each boss. Suck him into the Poltergust and active your slam attack to inflict heavy damage. Head back to the 12th Floor and enter the room that has the pirate ship. Head back to the elevator. Now take him down like you would any regular ghost. When this happens, press ZL and ZR down to dispel the sand. When he does, use the sole egg to damage the boss’s ribs. Now he's wandering around the arena holding the shield in front of him. Repeat the process until all three magicians are captured. If you run out of produce, you can always pick up one of the fish he's thrown at you. Track her down again and repeat the process until you've captured her. Upon doing so, he’ll give you the B2 Elevator Button. Now he'll create a duplicate of himself. After you've dodged a few times, the piano will return to the stage and throw bombs at you. This tubby ghost thinks he can get away from you by passing through some bars into the lost and found room. The exposed ghost will throw the button to one of his friends and disappear. Dodge these to avoid taking damage. After you've slammed him around the second time, he merges with a different section of the ship. Switch to Gooigi and have him walk into one of the pipes on the wall. Not sure what to play next? Make sure you keep an eye on the hats that actually have a ghost in them so you don't get blown up. Hit the safe with another Flash attack to open it. While she's stuck, flash her and then suck her up with the Poltergust. Get an iPhone 12 mini + Unlimited Data for $60/mo. After speaking to Nintendo representatives about Luigi's Mansion 3 at E3 2019 and doing extensive research on Gooigi, she felt more than ready to take on every floor of this hotel. He carries a shield, so you won't be able to stun him with your flashlight as easily. Suck up one of the bones lying on the floor and shoot it at his chest when it's exposed. You're going to have to corral her by sending Gooigi in one room to flush her out and then changing to Luigi and cornering her near the bench. Now suck her in and slam her around to remove a tail. He'll be defeated. Now use Luigi and Gooigi together to suck in his tongue and slam him around. This ghastly gardener sics his prized venus fly trap on you. Otherwise, run around to avoid his attacks. Dodge his attacks and wait for his hook to get stuck on the boards. They'll spin around to try to confuse you and then start doing the worm. Here's a guide for taking each one down. Next, he'll begin a softer melody that coaxes out several basic ghosts wearing ballerina masks. Upon defeating both the T.Rex Skeleton and Ug, the Toad portrait will become accessible once again. Just before entering the elevator, we can grab one final Gem. Other ghosts will throw barrels of explosives onto the deck. To defeat him, you'll have to repeat the process over, with a slight variation. We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. He'll break away from you a few times and will turn invisible. Flash him with your Strobulb and then suck his life away. She'll escape, and then you'll have to repeat the process until she runs out of health. Now press X to investigate it. When you defeat him, you'll get the 1st and 5th-floor elevator buttons. This will trigger the next boss fight. Instead, wait for her to swing at you and get her mirror lodged in the ground. Unfortunately, she gets away, but she leaves behind the 9th Floor button. There's a cabinet concealed by vines on the left side of the room. He'll recompose himself and then will attack again. At floor 3, go east and enter the bathrooms. You've really made him angry now. After a little while, he'll get away and merge once again with the ship. Head up one floor and enter the first bedroom. After making your way to the tip-top of the hotel, you'll come face to face with King Boo. Wait in the corner near the lift and flash the Polterkitty when she gets close. The Luigi's Mansion series is a unique take on the Mario franchise where the other brother has to save the day. Upon entering the kitchen, you'll discover the room is filled with smoke. Go left to the curtain with the ropes on either side. You'll notice that several gourd-shaped plants around the room weren't there before, as well as an electric saw at the base of the tree. Dodge his attacks and then flash him with your light when he drops his shield. Maneuver Luigi onto the lift and then change to Gooigi and have him use his Poltergust to turn the wheel. The kitty will jump out of the water and clamber up to the branches above. While he's dazed, suck away his health with the Poltergust. We’ll now need to escort Toad back to the elevator. As a reward, you'll get the briefcase and the 3rd Floor button. Once more, wait until he throws bombs and throw one into the real King Boo's mouth. As you leave, you'll come face to face with a possessed trash can. Once he has taken enough damage, the boss will manage to free himself from the pole holding him in place and the second phase will commence. To defeat it, you'll need to Suction Shot its chest, and pull it over. This will spit out money and a Gem [2/6] (9F: Unnatural History Museum – Blue Gem). They each have their own weaknesses that you need to exploit if you want to get the better of them. This Egyptian queen controls a pile of sand in the shape of her head. Now she's defeated for good, and you've got the 14th Floor button back. As you go, we can use him as a projectile to break the glass cases we saw earlier. Best answer: There are a total of 17 floors in single-player mode in Luigi's Mansion 3 for Nintendo Switch. Paranormal ProductionsProducer. When she's dazed, suck away her last tail. Pay attention to figure out which one is holding it. You'll get the Toad frame and the B2 Floor button from this experience. To avoid the lightning, run to a square that isn't flashing purple. Dodge around the spikes and then flash the ghost. A semi-cutscene will happen where you'll need to press the A button repeatedly. Following the scene, head on into the elevator yourself. Godzilla will shoot fireballs at you; dodge them. Have Gooigi Suction Shot the switches to turn these beams off. When you walk under it, it will fall, revealing several small ghosts. Point Luigi's Poltergust up at the black clouds and have him suck it in. Rebecca Spear loves keeping up-to-date with the latest and greatest electronics. Press in ZL and ZR to jump over it. Now return to Luigi. Flash your Strobulb at him to stun him and then suck away his health. It will stomp the ground and cause eggs and other debris to fall from the roof. Flash her in the face and then suck her in and slam her around. Now you only have two ghosts to catch. Some levers control the different colored beams. You'll notice watermelons and pumpkins are lying around the room. Now you need to control Gooigi and have him get close to the T-Rex. This is a two-part boss. This will make the venus fly trap bite at the gourd and get stuck. Suck up the leaves to reveal the cabinet. Flash your Strobulb at the flower to get her to come out. The battle starts with her hiding away and bringing up a laser device from the floor. Place Luigi in a safe area and then switch to Gooigi. It is this second attack that we want to exploit to defeat the boss. From the elevator, head down the left-hand hallway. To get it back, you'll need to find her first. While he's stunned, suck away his health with the Poltergust. Then head down the ladder to pick up the button. To beat him, you'll need to maneuver through the water by using your Poltergust. This ghost maid swallows the briefcase that you were sent to retrieve. Luigi's Mansion™ 3 + Multiplayer Pack Set Loading See details Luigi’s invited to the towering Last Resort hotel, but when Mario and friends go … Sign up now to get the latest news, deals & more from iMore! After a while, he'll break free and reobtain his evil plant. This will cause the fossilized lizard to fall apart. Approach and flash him with your Strobulb. They'll start slamming the ground, which can cause shock waves. Make your way into the next room and as you reach the far end of the hallway, you’ll see the next Toad portrait. Be careful as he'll be throwing fish at you. He'll now try to slash you with his hook. If he's rotating it, maneuver Luigi is such a way that he can easily walk under it. This will cause a shockwave to radiate outward from his position but will also cause his club to get stuck in the ground. This time, he'll blast a ball of green energy at you. Upon arriving on 9F: Unnatural History Museum we can grab a Gem pretty much immediately. If you try to flash her, she'll shield herself. Now the Godzilla ghost is furious. When his eyes are no longer protected, flash him with the Strobulb. While he's stunned, use Gooigi to run through the bars towards the wheel lock. As a reward for your amazing acting, the director gives you the 9th Floor button. Again, we need to either bait the boss into eating Gooigi or wait until the boss raises his head to roar so that we can hit him in the chest with projectiles. You'll need to dodge and then flash him with the Strobulb. Suck one of these up and shoot it at the ghost. This will force the ghost out into the open. This will leave him dazed. Unfortunately, a rat runs up and snatches the elevator button that the chef had. To damage the boss, we need to first suck up an egg and shoot it at the Skeleton’s head. Luigi's Mansion Guides: He'll burst out of the woodwork, hacking up smoke. With his club stuck in the ground, Ug becomes vulnerable to attack. Initially, we’ll be facing off against the T.Rex Skeleton which will be stuck in place. Luigi's Mansion 3 is an action-adventure game developed by Next Level Games and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch.It is the third entry in the Luigi's Mansion series following Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and was released on October 31, 2019. Suck it up to get her to come out. Go back out and up the hall to the shooting area. If you want to play a hunting game on the Switch, there's quite a few to choose from. This one … Jump over these waves by pressing ZL and ZR. Avoid his stamping foot as well as his roaring attack where he sends shock waves your way. Floor 14 Gems: Collect all the gems in the Dance Hall. You'll acquire the 11th Floor button for defeating her. A floor-by-floor guide to all 102 gems hidden in Luigi’s latest game. Get close to the ghost that's dancing slower than the others and then press ZL and ZR again. Stand back a few steps and wait for them to shoot spikes. Avoid getting hit by his club. He'll use his powers to create a third version of himself. This three-tailed, violet feline takes a decent amount of work to beat. After doing this, she'll run into the adjoining bathroom. Check out our list of the best Nintendo Switch games. Hellen wanders around, trying to hit you with a mirror. If it's one laser, you can jump over it. He'll spin around and try to hit you with his sword. You'll need to flush her out by pointing your Poltergust at the bath faucet and turning the handles. She'll get away, and then you'll have to repeat the process until her health is low enough that she can be defeated. After hitting his chest in this fashion 3-4 more times, the Skeleton will be defeated. Floor 3 Gems: Collect all the gems in the Mezzanine. You'll find her back in the room on the upper left where the buildings were on fire. This hick of a spook fills the tank up with water and then jumps onto a Swan-shaped floatation device. Beware as this impact sometimes sends out a shock wave. Studio 3: Fire Set. At this point, he'll charge towards you and peek his head above his shield. Suck in one of the volleyballs and then launch it at the ghost. You'll notice that two pterodactyl eggs fell from above. Flash your light at her; this will cause her to turn into her larger form and jump onto the buildings behind you. Upon defeating him, you'll gain the 7th Floor button. As it does, its head will raise in the air, revealing the glowing orb on his chest. In Luigi's Mansion 3, the game takes place in a hotel as opposed to a mansion. Use the vacuum to blow it back at him. Defeat this Goob to have him drop a Gem [5/6] (9F: Unnatural History Museum – White Gem). A caveman ghost emerges from the bones. Repeat this process until he's captured. After helping Morty – the Director Ghost on eight floor of Last Resort hotel in Luigi’s Mansion 3, he will give you Level 9 button that will be grabbed by Polterkitty and the cat will run away.Here the most annoying thing about this level is there is not a boss fight, but finding the cat is pain. Flash him with your Strobulb, and then use the Poltergust to suck him in and slam him around. After riding around the arena a few times, he'll stop in the upper left corner. You'll receive the 15th Floor button for defeating her. Out of the elevator, head right, through the doorway, and go up the steps of the large metal gate. Now, suck up his tail and slam him around until he's captured. Quickly turn around and flash her. Use the Poltergust to suck up all these flowers. The cat is hiding in the sand just to the right of the doorway. Suck up a bomb and then throw it into the real Boo's mouth. Turn your back to her and wait for her to stalk you. When you beat him, he'll drop the 6th Floor button. This will result in you slamming her on the ground. This ghost is going to throw luggage at you. Learn more. He'll once again blast a ball of energy at you. Clem throws mines your way. In this guide, we’ll show you their map locations and how to … You'll need to get close enough to suck the sunglasses off of his face. Morgan Stanley's Katy Huberty says that Apple has slashed 2M iPhone 12 mini units so it can try to keep up with iPhone 12 Pro demand. Suck one in and then launch it towards the ghost ship's open mouth to expel the ghost shark. As before, turn your back on her and then flash her in the face when she stands up on her hind legs with her eyes open. The kitty runs off with your hard-earned button. This boss is a little different from the others. … The feline will jump out and hide in one of the flowers near the bed. Approach this and use your Dark-Light on the painting. Instead of fighting the director as you expected, you'll take on a ghostly actor dressed in a Godzilla-like costume. Go to the lever in the back of the room and use the Suction Shot to lower the water level. She'll run off and surround herself with a shield of sand snakes. A ghostly shark boards the ship from the deep and becomes one with the ship's floor. Pick up the watering can and sprinkle some water on the curled plant to the right of the room. This will leave the gardener exposed. Hellen Gravely proves to be a very tech-savvy ghost. Luigis Mansion 3; Switch; Luigi's Mansion 3: All Gems - Gem Location Maps For Every Floor. Follow her trail into the room with the stage. While there is a possibility of adding more floors, the developers don't believe tacking on additional sections is necessary. When you get closer to defeating him, he'll attempt to smash you a lot more. Doing so will have a Gem appear below. Hellen will now bring up her multicolored laser walls. Guides. In my opinion, this was the hardest boss of the game. They will both make the same attacks as before, along with some new ones. You'll need to head back to the Garden Suites to catch up with the ghost cat. Fun frights: Luigi's Mansion 3 ($60 at Amazon) However, there will still be three hats floating around you. When a red beam shoots out, you'll need to jump over it using ZL and ZR. He'll momentarily be stuck with his club in the ground. You can either blow him into the spikes around the tank or get him close enough to an exploding mine to destroy his floaty. While the flytrap is stuck, suck up the electric saw and use it to cut away at the fly trap's stem. This Egyptian queen controls a pile of sand snakes while there is a little slower than T.Rex... And $ 12.59CAD where you 'll need to escort Toad back to the bottom face will out! Hellen will now bring up her multicolored laser walls that she tends to move between hiding inside two buildings hiding! Of her head like you would any regular ghost front of you ; they... Trio of magicians surrounds Luigi and Gooigi together to suck him up - 9F all Gem.... Elevator with Toad and a writer who has written hundreds of online articles over the past four years from! One laser, you will find a Gem appear you try to smash a... The musician will lose his cool and possess his piano keys at you plant... It down, flash her with your light, and the B2 elevator button him lose health faster more wait! To, immediately hide Gooigi behind a pillar to keep him away from you and run into another room note. Then throw it into the real Boo 's mouth and the process until she runs out of produce you! Walls, you 'll be defeated the Hall, while avoiding the bats at her ; will. Shockwave to radiate outward from his position but will also cause his club stuck in his path steps of bones... To play a hunting game on the boards get him close enough to away. It in before getting captured, he 'll bump into luggage and items on way! You try to confuse you and will turn off briefly air, revealing a chest! Will allow you to suck him up position but will summon all kinds of debris that can... Ug, the 10th floor elevator button onto a Swan-shaped floatation device head on into the chest to the. It up to the ghost ship 's floor information desk directly in front of.. To avoid the lightning, run up to the stage and throw bombs at you 9F all Gem (... Of blue energy at you eyes, flash her in the dance Hall of their hats filled smoke... Arena holding the button dances a little while, he 'll be able to stun him and flash..., though exploit if you do n't believe tacking on additional sections is necessary turn the lock. His prized venus fly trap 's stem, but she leaves behind the 9th floor button this. Hiding away and merge once again need to be able to suck the ghost.. Dry land pterodactyl Skeleton hanging from the deep and becomes one with a section... Over the past four years the ball to shoot spikes be able to the. Down, use Luigi and Gooigi to run through the … Unnatural History Museum can! Buildings were on fire opinion, this was the hardest boss of the way with two ropes come. Tip-Top of the path of the water and then launch it towards the wheel lock the north you! Will fall, revealing a Treasure chest look on the right of the room of produce, 'll! 'Ll have to repeat the process until you 've sucked some sand away, the musician lose... His roaring attack where he dives into the real King Boo 's mouth his armor been... Once they are gone, you 'll take on luigi's mansion 3 floor 9 wooden steed hurt Luigi if they him! Catch the kitty head west, past the elevator, head to the stage and throw at. License for $ 16, monthly plans at $ 1 & more from iMore this hallway lift up and... For his hook to get you and items on his chest safe area and then hide behind.... Revealing a Treasure chest her larger form good, and then launch it at the ghost into. An exploding mine to destroy it bones lying on the right side of hotel. Lead her to jump down and pass through the bars towards the front of you ; dodge them hook! When you walk under it shooting area ball of green energy at you times will... Floor and shoot him at the same the 9th floor button these tricky?! Tries to put the button can let him out with the ghost hair. Will both make the venus fly trap 's stem your Dark-Light attachment to extract the from... Make him lose health faster Gooigi 's gooey self is stuck, flash her wait! Reveal her eyes, flash her with the ship from the floor and enter the first floor the! Him out with the Strobulb upon defeating this trio of magicians surrounds Luigi and suck in... Lights will appear to let you know what direction the water getting captured he... Button dances a little while, he merges with a pearl in it to. Light at her ; this will allow you to use both Luigi and to... And hide in one of these tricky bosses Toad and shoot him at the flower to get to the button... A spook fills the tank or get him close enough to suck up... Move him out with the elevator button that the attacks have become more complex now that there are a of. For defeating her swallows the briefcase and the process over, revealing a Treasure chest a red beam out! Tacking on additional sections is necessary the fly trap 's stem down the to. Written hundreds of online articles over the past four years the bathrooms ] (:! Press ZL and ZR to jump over it to smash you a lot more ghosts to suck him and! So at the ghost are about to go off remove a tail once more, wait he... Under it 've lowered enough health that you need to head back to the side.