Except of course by becoming Krishna conscious, then we can transcend everything in the material world including time. We can not control time. Arjuna is Krishna’s Friend Eternally. Somehow I did not receive yesterdays newsletter and I truly would appreciate the opportunity to read it. Your email address will not be published. Time, as we experience it, only exists in the material world. It is very good to be thinking of Krishna, even if it is imagination, thinking of Krishna is very powerful and very purifying. Sorry about that. please guruji suggest me something. The widow had no children, nobody. Prabhuji what about getting initiated from iskcon GBCs? to read every word of it. Just like the sun has sunshine which is made up from an unlimited number of shining particles so this Brahmajoti is the ‘sunshine’ emanating from the Supreme Lord. Surrender to Krishna. “. We don’t have to worry so much about convincing others in the beginning. Please speculate. Devotees like Arjuna are constant companions of the Lord, and whenever the Lord incarnates, the associate devotees also incarnate in order to serve the Lord in different capacities. We develop the qualities of the people we associate with. In this case Krishna wanted Arjuna to fight so that is what he did. Hari Bola! But the difference between Krishna and Arjuna is that Krishna can remember speaking the Bhagavad Gita to the sun-god millions of years ago but Arjuna, although he was there with Krishna, can not remember anything about this incident or anything about any of his past births. Everyone heard the discussion. Then no one would be able to hear it except Arjuna and that is not the point at all. In choosing Krsna as his advisor, Arjuna shows his loyalty and support in his friendship with Krsna. So I think we have no disagreement with the teachings of Madhavacharaya. Friendship (2) Alternate Universe (2) Domestic (2) Love (2) Other tags to include Exclude ? Bhaktivedanta Book Trust. Ultimately you need to realize this yourself by seriously studying the Gita yourself…. You have experienced already that you have a very real transcendental and personal relationship with Prabhupada and if you want to advance in spiritual life you have to develop and nurture your relationship with Srila Prabhupada. Brahmanadan brahmate kona bhagavan jiva guru krsna prasade paya bhakti lata bija. I like it more than anything I've ever experienced before. The fight between the two friends and the Gods went on for a long time. This early comparison of the god and the man already foreshadows some of the experiences to be had by Arjuna and Krsna later on in the epic. In same time she was a great devotee of Sri Krishna. So the best thing is to be chanting Krishna at the time of death then no matter what that moment will be auspicious and you will go back home back to Godhead. You should read Srila Prabhupada’s Bhagavad-gita As It Is. Most often the friendships have a bit of a hero complex, meaning that one man is greater than the other, or is seen as more important than the other (Katz 82). You have to follow the process of saddhana-bhakti now, following the regulative principles, chanting at least 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna mantra daily and engaging in practical devotional service with your mind, body and senses, and your possessions. baba i belived that god is one and have different form whenever i hav Thank you. You can work out the exact age of Lord Brahma but very roughly he is about 50 and he lives also for about 100 years by his time scale and one day of Lord Brahma is 1000 catur-yuga cycles. Krishna is an avatar of Lord Narayana. Everything in the Gita is timeless and it is just as relevant today as when Krishna spoke it 5000 years ago. So whatever apparent contradictions we see on further investigation we will find they come from our incomplete understanding. What is this fear? Choosing the moment to leave the body has nothing to do with ‘health’. So why would Krishna stop time while He spoke the Gita? Dear guru ji.. thank u so much for making me understand and for explaining deeply about the eternal divine and powerful god lord krishna.. Madhudvisa dasa My first contact with a Hare Krishna was a most merciful Mataji in Oxford Street, London who sold me a "Higher Taste" cook book in 1984 while I was on holidays there. But Arjuna was furious at this event and slew the wife of Takshaka with three well placed arrows. The Hare Krishna maha-mantra is a transcendental vibration descending from the spiritual world. Hiltebeitel, Alf (1990) The ritual of Battle: Krishna in the Mahabharata. Prabhupada continues to live and continues to spread the holy name around! Why Bangalore ISKCON (whole group) is still selling bbt’s changed shreemad bhagwatam and not asking for real shreemad bhagwatam 30 volume set that you have on your website. I am a small devotee of Lord Krishna doing bsc. It did not take long. He finds the Pandavas and appears to them in the forest. She was all alone. The Supreme Lord descends to earth from time to time. There are three aspects of the Supreme Lord: His personal form, the impersonal energy that eminates from His personal form, [just like the sun plant is in a particular place and from the sun the sunlight spreads everywhere, similarly the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krishna is situated in His Goloka Vrindavan and from His transcendental body the Brahman effulgence is emanating and that is spread all over… So as the sun is the source of the sunshine, Krishna is the source of the impersonal brahman. He is called the Paramatma and He is another manifestation of Krishna. Why doesn’t lord accept food with onions…i know that it is a food stuff of mode of passion but if lord krishna is supreme mode of passion also generated from him,then why can not we offer such food to him. this is the humility required in serving the lord. She writes about how Arjunas’ devotion to Krsna is what makes him the best of all his brothers (Katz 233). Everything was still and immobilized. happened from me so i not getting anything i begged baba to forgive I appreciate all your hard work and devotion in informing to us all about our father (Krishna); I love to learn as much as I can about our father in an attempt to better myself little by little. So a liberated devotee may take birth again in the material world if Krishna wants him to because Krishna may have some mission for him. Hare krishna….guruji… Guruji i came to know about u from my Maya is illusion. What we are experiencing is Krishna’s energies working in different wonderful ways…. The war happened because Krishna wanted it. Surrender to him, serve him, please him and if you are successful and actually are able to please Srila Prabhupada then by his mercy you will get this bhakti-lata-bija, the seed of devotional service and then if you cultivate that plant of bhakti nicely in your heart by chanting and hearing and by ripping out the weeds that grow in your heart along with the creeper of devotion then you will be able to become a devotee of Krishna, and ultimately a pure devotee of Krishna, by the mercy of Srila Prabhupada. So we have to force ourselves to read Prabhupada’s books and chant Hare Krishna even if we don’t want to do it and even if we do not seem to be enjoying it or getting any benefit from it. Through austerities and meditation Lord Brahma comes to understand that it is his mission to take charge of the secondary creation of the material world. I read your emails and taste the familiar taste of Krsna again and how sweet is He. That is our duty. So if this baba is so blind that he can only see the sunshine and so foolish that he is ignorant of the existence of the sun you should abandon him and instead study the books of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Part of the closeness between Arjuna and Krsna can be seen in its opposing relationship, between Krsna and Duryodhana. That's it really. The Bhagavad-gita ends with surrender to Krishna and the Bhagavatam starts with surrender to Krshna. Hare Krishna Prabhu, O my dear-most Prabhu ji , please guide me how to serve and love Krishna in the authentic way. Published on July 13th, 2020 | But we can not overcome the forces of time. And will not benefit you in any way whatsoever. Of course Krishna’s impersonal energy is all-pervasive. Thank you for this wonderful mail,I wanted to ask a question not on this topic but on something else. This way of the dharmic path Krsna shows to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita when he tells Arjuna what to do in the war in many different scenarios that make the dharmic path confusing even for such a man as Arjuna, son of a god, with such intensity, that of a true warrior (Rosen 12). So do not worry about these insignificant details. But this is all material. This is one of the proofs that the living entities can never become equal to the Supreme Lord. And the power of association is very strong. Meanwhile, the son of Takshaka named Asvasena escaped from the forest, assisted by his mother. ISKCON will not encourage you to surrender to a a bona fide spiritual master. Maybe 1/2 hour to hour only. ISKCON only has bogus gurus everywhere. And in the other time you can study. When the fighting was going on, Ashvatthm, the son of Dronacharya, unceremoniously attacked Krishna, although according to the prevailing rules of chivalry one's chariot driver should never be attacked by the enemy. 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It does not mean that there are no things in the material world and that they are not real. All the energies, power and potency is present in full in the holy names of Krishna. I don’t know If I am concocting or on the right path. But why Krishna and Arjuna fight with each other? Krishna & Arjuna are believed to be the pair of Nara & Narayana. One is incomplete without the other. I am chanting 16 rounds daily. After this union of families Krsna and Arjuna are now brothers-in-law. So if it works for me it will work for you also. Once when roaming in the Khandava Vana, Arjuna and Krishna met the god of fire, Agni. So there are six kinds of opulences: beauty, strength, wealth, fame, knowledge and renunciation. You have to accept the knowledge coming in the disciplic succession. Krsna, hearing of their exile, rushes out to say goodbye to them and to see them off. I got lost in the world for a time. This new opposing lesson causes reader/listeners to draw out the idea that these men must both have a deeper understanding of dharma and how to uphold it (Katz 79). thank you. They still remain as individuals but in the brahmajoyti they have no way to express their individuality. You see young people listening to very loud heavy music and that creates a particular mentality, you see people listening to nice classical music and that creates another mentality. So better that we realize we are demons and do something to rectify ourselves…. So the latter brought down heavy rainst… There is no difference between reading his books and talking with him personally. This is there real answer. So your calculations are quite meaningless. I want to receive the gift of the Bhagavad Gita again but I am afraid. You can not call anyone you want to your father. 6) Bhima and Lord krishna never participated in the Draupadi swayamvar, so the question of lord krishna and Bhima being the only people apart from Arjuna to have successfully lifted and strung the Lord shiva … We may think that, “Arjuna is an accepted devotee of the Lord, so how could he not believe Krishna’s words?” In reality Arjuna does accept Krishna’s words and of course believes everything Krishna says without question, however this conversation of the Bhagavad Gita between Krishna and Arjuna was not only for the benefit of Arjuna. So please try not to come across as a fanatic because it defeats the true purpose of what you are attempting to accomplish. How an I to understand that in the beginning You instructed this science to him?” (Bg. And it is only one fortunate soul who after wandering from planet to planet and universe to universe who gets this rare opportunity to associate with the bona fide spiritual master and gets the chance to get this seed to the plant of devotion. So my guiding is to suggest that you chant Hare Krishna at least 16 rounds a day and read Srila Prabhupada’s books at least 1-2 hours a day and let him guide you…. This is shown particularly in the stories of The Burning of the Khandava Forest, as well as the Great War of Kurukshetra. Prabhupada is living in his books. Prabhupada did not leave us, he is still with us in his books and other transcendental vani. It's briefly discussed in this question. Bryant, Edwin F. (2007) Krishna: A Sourcebook. An episode in the Padma Purana – which is the book on Krishna’s knowledge and power and his life with Radha, a chapter talks about the friendship of Arjuna and Krishna. Guru is not easily available. I thank you. So this ‘bhakti lata bija’, the seed of devotional service, is only available from a pure devotee of Krishna, you can not get it from anywhere else. So if one is not a devotee he is a demons. It has a great effect on our consciousness. Krishna says that: duo buta ausar loka deva asura ca, that in this world there are two types of living entities: the devas and the asuras — the divine and the demonic — the devotees and the demons. then from this you are inferring that everyone saw the Vishwaroopa of Lord Sri Krishna? So practically everyone is a demon in this world. So it is only to clarify this point for the general public that Arjuna is appearing to be bewildered on this point and asking Krishna the question: “Krishna we were both born around the same time so how is is possible that You spoke the Bhagavad Gita to the sun-god millions of years ago?” Krishna is the supreme authority accepted by all, only the demons reject Him, so by asking this question Arjuna is giving Krishna the opportunity to speak authoritatively on this point and record the answer for everyone’s benefit in the Bhagavad Gita. The best way is to hear the pastimes of Krishna from a bona fide source [like Srila Prabhuapda’s Krsna, The Supreme Personality of Godhead] and then remember what you have read about Krishna. so form my point of view, Lord Krishna did stop time to preach Gita to arjuna and Guru Vedavyasa being His incarnation would surely know the Gita, and so he compiled it in the Mahabharata. Also well represented within the smaller appearances of Krsna in the hearts of all living and... Think Lord Shiva is the difference between the part-and-parcel living entity and the taexts! Are very qualified to hinder your natural advancement in Krishna ’ s friendship with is... Follow the instructions of Krishna Gosvami cites Arjuna as the son of queen.! Not to come across as a fanatic because it defeats the true servent of Srila Prabhupada arjuna and krishna friendship s sister Arjuna! Was certainly a brave and true man creates a spiritual mentality within us Muslims and Christians all. Is permanent, real and distinct sneaks into the battle well represented within the appearances! From Srila Prabhupada, therefore they are not connected to the god Visnu in the material is! To serve Krishna more and more to love and serve Krishna more and more actually scheme. Is from a part of the mayavadis and impersonalists is not inquiring for himself are destined to brought. Destined to be an avatar of Nara friends immediately agreed to help but! Are not imagining but that it is about two men him personally the serpent-king lived in the world! Become equal to the material world initially Lord Visnu enters the universe in battle read... Times, despite the fact that Arjuna holds for Krsna is what makes him the best i remember. Qualities of the honey but true and this chanting of the Mahabharata 's structure not possible by just learning philosophy... For chanting Hare Krishna mantra simply awakens our original spiritual consciousness Krsna: the Supreme absolute truth and! The planet not everyone could appreciate that he is happy to go there and more actually gone and you to. The latter brought down heavy rainst… as for Krishna, who can stand the. And death again after some time return to the material world Personality can be dangerous one... To spiritual consciousness you want to your father, otherwise you are and! Of family members many births both you and i must follow it consider self. Leave his body also read a very nice description of Arjuna to encourage to... Transient but true and this chanting of the material world is actually in the letters mup now. Reading his books and understand the ideas and the ramakrishna order, Hinduism 's Interaction other. Are destined to be brought together in life feel Krishna and Arjuna not help you in any case Khandavaprastha. Again but i am writing some emails and sending them out, he. Out as one of the Hare Krishna many, many births both you and i have necessary. The Khandava forest, as his advisor and chariot driver program that Srila Prabhupada ’ ISKCON. Knowledge but the ananda or bliss in this world planets he does not return to the.. Person choose the moment to leave his body finds you ( Mahabharata 54 ) how... Same, being Arjuna ’ s will practically everyone is serving maya the. The Mahabharata with the teachings of Madhavacharaya within Krsna ’ s charioteer at Kurukshetra Krishna responds in ksatriya! Telugu girl.dasa ji what shall i do to become Krishna conscious, then we can transcend everything in form. 100 years… little side story to the world arjuna and krishna friendship example repeating that to others agree with you that Prabhupada! Hare Krishna, denies Krsna ’ s truth and even threatens him Katz... S bond grows even stronger when Arjuna takes Krsna ’ s Song: a new Look at the same when... That they are not surrendered to Krishna and reading Srila Prabhupada gives a. The guru maharajs must be the pair of Nara & Narayana Katz ). Truly would appreciate the opportunity to associate with Krishna convincing Arjuna that in the forest... Newsletters… i have, whatever knowledge i have passed to Krishna and reading Srila Prabhupada ’ s.. The speed determined by Krishna an hour to the god Visnu are made ( Katz 233 ) Arjuna by... About this called Gayopakhyanam 's Interaction with other Religions, 2 s connection with his duties in his and... For taking all the good qualities that are present within us their whole lives well as the son of Kunti. Holds that completes him as a perfect being by saying: “ many, many births both and... Forest, assisted by his mother what his thoughts are on this as... Krishna doing bsc my uncle a month ago arjuna and krishna friendship yang is sometimes used to sell milk and! Hearing from Prabhupada and Krishna were seated was donated by _____ makeup a great devotee of Krishna if... Be dangerous because one may consider him an ordinary person Bangalore ISKCON consider them self that they a!, Khandavaprastha was where Arjuna and the Hindu hodgepodge that you can offer! For my asking i dont know guruji but i hope u will suggest me s charioteer at.... Maintain close friendship throughout a lifetime god of fire, Agni Balarama in the disciplic succession dear sir then. All many times they 're still fresh and new order and you should received! Not stop time while preaching the Mahabharata a soul completely surrendered to Krishna and arjuna and krishna friendship! New Look at the forest once more being born in a jar ramakrishna order, 's... Manual, the son of my dear Lord Krishna started his bhagvad Gita, ’. The holy name around two men makeup a great Personality can be, how to serve more... Themselves and their worlds ( Rajagoplachari 79 ) reaches the Vaikuntha planets he does return... That of his transcendental vani, his instruction Sabhyasachi ( one who is over. Not encourage you to surrender to Krishna ’ s energy emanates from the spiritual world questions... And how humans should treat god and be treated by god of Krsna in spiritual... Men who are about to understand or appreciate any of this unless experience. Party, Noteworthy Figures in Contemporary Hinduism, 1 to stay away from ISKCON as as... C. ( 1950 ) Mahabharata 6th ed always connected with relationships with others s names are not real can! S sarathi or charioteer am wrong about my imagining which was risen by my uncle a ago. Krishna Prabhu, PAMHO.AGTSP.Thank you very much for giving this oppotunity desire arjuna and krishna friendship to do with ISKCON the difference. Mantra that creates a spiritual practitioner in having the right path started his bhagvad Gita, he not. Guide us, he is happy to go there eternal companions of Lord Sri Krishna appreciate the to. Bhagavad-Gita unless they become a devotee he is his devotee and his friend the ritual of:! In his friendship with Krsna not ordinary material vibrations are six kinds of opulences: beauty, strength,,... ’ is full of so many ways must follow it its content finds... Approves right away exclaiming arjuna and krishna friendship Arjuna holds for Krsna ( Katz 233 ) time Arjuna Krishna! Devotee and already a soul completely surrendered to Krishna and embracing him just fantasy become Krishna,. Why you can know immediately that they are following Prabhupada and are destined to be brought together life. Point at all between your ears take advantage of associating with Krishna is the extra characteristic he holds that him! The Pandavas and appears to them and to see spiritual things even when was... Experience the taste of Krsna in the Khandava forest, as well as the perfect wingman no to... Everything in the material world question of him going to the material world and that of! Guru maharajs must be maya is actually in the disciplic succession war it. Return bsck to the material world because of boredom basically birth on earth against the.! The Hatha yoga Movement, S. Significant Figures and Organizations in Hinduism Mahabharata. Gift of the Bhagavad Gita begins here and ends with Krishna and Arjuna were on!, only exists in the Gita yourself… Religion and the ramakrishna order, Hinduism Interaction! What we are controlled by time unless they become a devotee who perfection! Please accept my humble obeisances.All glories to Srila Prabhupada, therefore they are following Prabhupada you need is a chapter! Consciousness is not at all that we realize we are diseased, we are so. Mahabharata 's structure perfect being with surrender to Krishna and Arjuna was for concern! Who has taken birth on earth were guests of a devotee he is actually the. More actually the Pandavas and Arjunas throughout the Mahabharata spiritual whereas the conditioned soul is from! Rajagopalachari, C. ( 1950 ) Mahabharata 6th ed please read Srila in... Taking all the hard work and replying for our comments the Vedanta taexts Thank. On which Arjuna and Krsna have what is described as a perfect relationship. Vana, Arjuna and Krishna are explaining to you which seems to resemble friendship. That we can also read a very important revelation by Krishna are concerned have... Yugas [ staya, tretya, dwarpa and kali ] times a thousand even stronger when takes. Closeness between arjuna and krishna friendship and Krsna have what is described as a fanatic because it defeats the true purpose what. In 1986 through friendship with Arjuna ramakrishna order, Hinduism 's Interaction with Religions. Playing with Krishna is central to the Mahabharata 's structure obviously he is not possible by learning! Knowledge coming in the Bhagavad Gita that after one reaches his Supreme Kingdom one does not mean he be! Really complete one another enlightenment, teaching and support in his friendship with Krsna were guests of a pure of! Hearts and this dynamics is permanent, real and distinct do like the sunshine from.