Sign Up for Our Newsletter: You have no items in your wish list. Finally got out to do some testing of the new line of muzzle brakes I have been working on. The X4 is designed with a large initial chamber that provides a reactive surface for gasses to help mitigate recoil while the secondary chamber provides some compensating effect. The Mesa Long Range employs a compact version of this brake as well. ar-15 / m4 / lr-308 parts. The X4 was developed with a large initial chamber that provides a reactive surface for gasses to mitigate recoil. Newsletter. Muzzle Brake Compensator Hybrid for AR 15, AK 47, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Best combined muzzle brake and compensator. $12.95. $39.95. The DC-1 is a lightweight dual baffle compact muzzle device that was designed to greatly reduce felt recoil on large bore and small bore firearms. silencerco (in stock) 5.0 (1) ar 308 epsilon 762 muzzle brakes. ar-15/ar 308 asr muzzle brake 30 caliber. ... 7.62mm/.308 (5) Show More. This Titanium Muzzle Brake is designed by a master gunsmith and is one of the best and lightest on the market. Ryan says the self-timing feature of this design allows the buyer to use the same brake on all rifles with the same thread pitch on the muzzle. Although this happens in less than the blink of an eye, the felt recoil is spread over a slightly longer space of time. Shaw Titanium Muzzle Brake. Sale. M11-SPR Severe-Duty® Muzzle Brake. Description. Screws onto standard 5/8" x 24 threaded barrels (with .308 / 7.62 bore). As the gas encounters the internal baffles on a 5/8-24 muzzle brake, the weapon is driven forward. Why Titanium? $135.00 $121.50. The DC-1 is a titanium dual baffle compact muzzle device. Ruger 10/22 Muzzle Brake Adapter - 1/2"x 28 Thread Pitch. More details. Fast & Free shipping on many items! The DC-1 is well suited on large bore firearms in magnum configurations as well as smaller calibers. The Hawkins Precision Tank Brake was designed for long-range shooting in the prone shooting position. Great selection of Muzzle Brakes, Flash Hider, Compensators found online here. SKU: XO-308-BK Categories: Large Frame (AR 308/6.5), Parts, Upper Parts Tag: XO. 1/2x28 and 22 cal 1/2x28. Shop. Great deals on 308 Muzzle Brake. Tactical Precision Manufacturing 22 Cal 1and 2X28 Tpi Titanium Full Port Muzzle Brake, MB01-22-TI 8 of 9 images Tactical Precision Manufacturing 30 Cal 5/8X24 Tpi Titanuim Full Port Muzzle Brake, 660lb, Cerakote, MB01-30-CK Titanium, Stainless or Carbon Steel Muzzle Brake with external acme threads for the Quick Attach Adapter ; Designed to solve the hassle of removing your brake or thread protector whenever you want to use your solvent trap. AR-10 (7.62 / .308 / 6.8 / 300 Blackout/Whisper) Select 5/8 x 24 Thread Pitch. We started True North Arms in 2016 with the goal to create a comprehensive Canadian online source for AR-15 parts, tools, and accessories. Constructed From Grade 5 Titanium; Tuned For Best Performance On 14.5 Inch To 20 Inch Barrels; Designed For Maximum Recoil Reduction; Keeps Rifle Flat During Rapid Fire; Recommended For Competition Shooters Register now to get updates on promotions and coupons. 1/2x28 (4) 11/16x24 (1) 14x1mm LH … We now stock over 1,500 unique AR-15 products and are building up a selection of parts for Glocks and other upgrade-able firearms. 30 caliber/7.62mm and 5.56 or smaller applications, Threaded 5/8 x 24 and 1/2×28 TPI for most common barrels. Simply share your purchased link with others and all of you will earn points for every order. The X4 is tuned to provide a softer felt impulse over traditional brakes. The secondary chamber provides a compensating effect. The unique 6 pong tips are specifically designed for the gas outflow created by the bullet leaving the barrel. Gasses exiting the bore are obstructed, and redirected to mitigate rearward movement. Check it out: Ryan reports: “Got the new TITANIUM self-timing 5-port ‘Muscle’ brake spun up on a 300 Norma improved I chambered this morning. I sighted my .308 AR in without a brake or comp, there wasn’t much kick, but the was a significant amount of muzzle rise when not shooting off a rest/bipod. Muzzle Brakes. vg6 precision (in stock) 5.0 (1) hellfire muzzle brake. Refer others and earn UNLIMITED points that never expires. Muzzle Brake for Quick Attach Adapter. For more details, please check out this. For more details, please check out this 15 second YouTube video to start earning reward points! Thread Created with Sketch. We’ll start with one of the very best muzzle brakes for 308, the DPMS has six opposing side ports. Muzzle Brakes. Tactical shooters may prefer our Side-Baffle Brake. area 419 (in stock) 5.0 (9) quiet muzzle brake 7mm. $104.95. It reduces recoil and muzzle rise without stirring up a lot of dust, leaving your field of view open for another shot. We will inform you when the product arrives in stock. It is specifically manufactured to fit onto the factory threaded Blaser’s, Bergara’s, Lithgow’s, Tikka’s, Sako’s, Sauer’s & other rifles with M14, M15 & M16 x 1 muzzle threads with a maximum thread shoulder of 19.95mm, 0.785” HANCOCK ARMORY LEXINGTON titanium muzzle brake .308 Win/30 Caliber/7.62x51 is CNC machined from one-piece Grade 5 titanium bar that results in unmatching lightweight, amazing strength and 100% corrosion resistance. SuperComp® XL .308 Muzzle Brake 30 cal 7.62x51 Titanium (Bead Blasted Stealth Gray) (sku302) $ 135.50 $ 110.50. This brake keeps muzzle rise at an absolute minimum, and eliminates substantial muzzle blast associated with other brakes. The X4 Titanium Brake is a lightweight muzzle device for large bore applications. Choose Options. Functional above all else, the brake's broad baffle surfaces redirect the vast majority of muzzle gases out to the sides with each shot. Titanium Muzzle Brake for 308 and Other Bolt Action Rifles | Hancock Armory FREE … More details. These direct cartridge gas outwards, and this, in turn, reduces muzzle jump. The LR-308’s reduction in recoil feels similar to that of an AP4 Carbine. Within a millisecond, the .308 muzzle brake diverts the gasses horizontally. The spiral port outlets along with the parabolic internal taper significantly reduces recoil while not making it overly loud. gentry custom llc (in stock) - 0.0. muzzle brake 30 caliber. GDPR & Privacy Policy, The DC-1 is a titanium dual baffle compact muzzle device, Be the first to review “Titanium DC-1 .308 Muzzle Brake”. $35.99. Features. Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at The ROAM .308 Titanium Muzzle Brake is designed with a unique baffle pattern to significantly reduce both felt recoil and muzzle rise on rifles chambered in .308 Winchester/7.62x51mm NATO, 6.5 Creedmoor, and .300 AAC Blackout. Quick View Precision Armament Hypertap Muzzle Brake (.264/6.5mm) $189.99 $180.49. Finish:-Raw Satin Titanium Or Ion Bond Black. The X4 was tuned to provide a softer felt impulse over traditional brakes. Please only provide JPG/GIF/PNG files. Created with Sketch. The Muzzle Brake for Quick Attach Adapter does NOT include a Quick Attach Adapter. Titanium DC-1 .308 Muzzle Brake. A couple weeks ago I put a 4 port version on my new browning hells canyon speed chambered in 300 PRC. It is legal for Limited, Tactical and Open Division rifles. Colonel Mustard muzzle brake. It’s just a little over 8 lbs scoped. JOIN OVER 70,000 PEOPLE THAT ALREADY FOLLOW @nemo_arms ON INSTAGRAM, copyright © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); - document.write(window.location.hostname); - All Rights Reserved, Website Powered by: For your .308 and 7.62 caliber rifles, browse our selection of top quality Muzzle Devices. 5/8x24, 30 cal.  |  It is made of … The Slayer™muzzle brake, available in either stainless steel or titanium, is a highly effective side baffle muzzle brake, designed to help eliminate recoil, tame muzzle jump, and reduce the kick-up of dust while shooting from the prone position. Refer others and earn UNLIMITED points that never expires. New Design 5/8"x24 Thread Pitch "Pineapple" Muzzle Brake for AR-10, .308 - 6 Slots. Simply share your purchased link with others and all of you will earn points for every order. It will NEVER rust! Krinkov Muzzle Brake 14-1 LH Thread 3-PC Muzzle Brake (7.62x39), Click image for details The X4 Muzzle Brake is for use in large bore applications. Choose Options. The TPI Titanium Full Port Muzzle Brake comes in three sizes -- 30 cal. Gas is directed to the 9/12/3 o'clock directions, bottom is sealed F-1 Firearms Dragon Slay AR 308 Muzzle Brake. This muzzle device is installed on our Modern Precision Rifle, ELR, BA Tactical, and TFM rifles. Twin top ports direct gasses upward to stabilize the firearm for rapid return to target. Blue42 The brake is offered in both stainless steel ($150) and titanium ($195). Brand: Shaw Barrels. Individual photo size cannot exceed 2MB. Its simply the best metal available for brakes. Quick View Precision Armament Hypertap Muzzle Brake (.308/7.62) $189.99 $180.49. The DC-1 comes pre-drilled for pinning and will bring a 14.5” barrel to legal non-NFA length. Extremely lightweight at just 2.6 ounces. NIX - Fierce Titanium Tac-Brake-5/8 TPI5 baffles for extreme reduction in recoilCerokote colors Titanium Grey or Armor blackFits most carbon barrelsE $ 134.00. A precision shim kit is provided to allow for proper timing of the muzzle brake. The brake weighed .99 oz, and is 2.125” long. Black Anodized 223 Muzzle Brake 1/2x28 TPI Thread - Aluminum. The barrel and brake weighs 3.0 pounds total. SuperComp® XL .308 Muzzle Brake 30 cal 7.62x51 Titanium (Bead Blasted Stealth Gray) (sku302) $ 110.50 (was $ 135.50) Quantity This the SAME brake design that, in steel, has gotten rave reviews for multiple 30 cal cartiges BUT IN TITANIUM. Please leave your valid email address below. 24 muzzle devices for .30 caliber are tested for recoil reduction on a Lancer Systems L30 Heavy Metal .308 (AR-10 / SR-25). Best titanium muzzle brake for bolt action rifles including 308, 30-06, 7.62, 300wm, 7mm remingtong, .338lm, 408, etc. AR-10 / LR .308 Muzzle Devices | ArmaLite 10 / Long Range .308 Rifle Sale. The Blast Diverter has a slender and highly efficient muzzle brake that is threaded to accept the included screw-on 'shell' that, when attached, directs most of the muzzle blast and noise forwards! The .308 SJC Titan was designed and developed with USPSA Grand Master Eric Lund to provide a competitive advantage in 3-gun competition. If the goods arrive, we will notify you by mail! titanium blue cerakote 5/8"x 24 ar15 phantom muzzle brake, 300/.308 5/8"x 24 tpi phantom muzzle brake / flash hider brake - titanium blue call 612-387-4310 or email for q & a. sign in ; create an account; the 2nd tactical . The TS Terminator muzzle brake is KG Gunkoted Black & opened out as standard to take a maximum calibre size of .308. Copyright © Hancock Armory Co., Ltd All Rights Reserved, ARKEN OPTICS HALO 34MM Scope Mounts Rings. SuperComp® XL .223 Muzzle Brake Titanium Bead Blasted Stealth Gray (sku304) $ 129.50 $ 98.50.

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