Use of the term in Sentences: Another name of the green revolution is the third agricultural revolution. The French Revolution encompassed the fall of the Project Overview . 41 votes. Green Revolution refers to a significant improvement in agricultural production. Share it. The Green Revolution in India refers to a period in India when agriculture was converted into an industrial system due to the adoption of modern methods and technology, such as the use of high yielding variety (HYV) seeds, tractors, irrigation facilities, pesticides, and fertilizers. As it stands now, the famous quarry wall is only a portion of what once was. Find Words. (no offense meant)… View More; Link to this page. Its early dramatic successes were in Mexico and the Indian subcontinent. Examples of Industrial Revolution in a sentence. The Third Agricultural Revolution, which is commonly referred to as the "Green Revolution," refers to a set of initiatives in the field of research technologies that began in the 1950s and finished in the late 1960s. ‘McDougall argued that consumers' environmental knowledge is of paramount importance because the green revolution is primarily consumer driven.’ ‘Every home in Scotland will be given a recycling bin under government plans to deliver a green revolution north of the Border.’ ‘Their mission: to sow the seeds of a green revolution.’ Meaning of green revolution. Table 7.9 shows increase in the production of food crops since 1960-61. 2. Ask your question. Find out the negative effect of Green Revolution. Wiki User Answered . Log in. Sentence using the word chalk-quarry. Join now. Green Revolution has been listed as a level-4 vital article in History. Define green revolution. There were no flights into or out of the country, still under UN sanctions. If I am to summarise my experience in one sentence I would say that working with the environment was a very exciting and joyful experience as we could make a small difference for a start of a great upliftment in mother nature. Information and translations of green revolution in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. The _____ revolution helped farmers to produce higher level of foodgrains and non-foodgrains on the same plot of land. 3 4 5. Word Forms. The term green revolution may refer to: - The Green Revolution - a period of change in agricultural techniques which took place between the 1930s and the late 1960s. - 21268682 1. Answer the following questions in a sentence each : Dr. M. S. Swaminathan is called The Pioneer of Green Revolution. Green Revolution is the practice of increasing and improving agricultural production by means of modern-day techniques and methodologies. 10/16/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011 My one and only visit to Libya was exactly 13 years ago to cover the 27th anniversary of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's coup. What is another word for green revolution? The most important achievement of new strategy is the substantial increase in the production of major cereals like rice and wheat. If you can improve it, please do. ... rest of this educational reference site to see many other example sentences which provide word usage ... Read more. Pronunciations. This took place in the 1940s and 1960s.. Norman Borlaug is considered as the Father of the Green Revolution. Sentence for "Green Revolution" I turned vegan! During the Industrial Revolution, a majority of the population shifted from rural farming areas to industrialized cities. Meaning of green revolution. Log in. ; The Green Revolution transformed agriculture in a country where… or green revolution n. A significant increase in agricultural productivity beginning in the 1940s and resulting from the introduction of high-yield... Green revolution - definition of green revolution by The Free Dictionary. Our project is named Blue Green Revolution as we want to make as many water bodies in our area crystal clear and our area rich in greenery. the green revolution meaning: 1. the large increase in food production around the world because of better farming technology 2…. What is green revolution in one sentence?? What does green revolution mean? In his reply, VijayRaghavan outlined aspects of the review that he saw as wrong, and said such inaccurate pieces worked to the detriment of the scientific temper. 69+3 sentence examples: 1. The Green Revolution is a term used for _____. View solution. The Green Revolution does not regard soil as a living system, but just a physical stratum supporting the crop plants. Green revolution involves the use of fertilizers, pesticides, HYV seeds, and modern methods … The Earth turns one revolution every twenty-four hours. The sentence in the introduction that states that Mexico became self-sustaining and net exporter after 1964 is misleading. Definition of Industrial Revolution. The Green Revolution was a period when the productivity of global agriculture increased drastically as a result of new advances. The Origins of Political Order: From Prehuman Times to the French Revolution. The green revolution took place between 1950 and late 1960s that effectively augmented the production of crops globally, specifically in developing countries. barley Cotton grapes Wheat Question 1 Complete the following sentence: The Green revolution … Join now. green revolution synonyms, green revolution pronunciation, green revolution translation, English dictionary definition of green revolution. Panchayat sentence examples. Learn more. View Answer. Greenroom definition is - a room (as in a theater or studio) where performers can relax before or after appearances. Sentence Examples with the word green revolution: After World War II, the Green Revolution drove the uses of these fertilizers ever higher. Gaddafi's "Green Revolution" Turns 40. use quarry in a sentence for kids - Gold Ore Crusher. green revolution in india in a sentence - Use "green revolution in india" in a sentence 1. ‘Before the green revolution in the 1960s, everyone farmed organically, and there are still a fair amount of farmers who don't use chemicals simply because they can't afford them.’ ‘Genetically engineered food was supposed to have heralded a second green revolution, producing more food and improving food and nutritional security.’ “I have always said that the green revolution should not become a greed revolution and therefore we should ensure that the long-term productivity of the soil and water also becomes a part of the technology,” he wrote. The _____ revolution helped farmers to produce higher level of foodgrains and non-foodgrains on the same plot of land. 12. How do you use green revolution in a sentence? It played a unique role in ushering in the Green Revolution in India. Green revolution can be defined as a period of time in the human history where advances in agricultural technology allowed for the increase in the production of global agriculture. The Green Revolution largely consisted of the spread of existing technologies from industrialized nations. About AZdictionary. 11. Use once in a Sentence With once Sentence Examples. View solution . The main cause of land degradation in Punjab is _____. View solution. The IARI was responsible for the research leading to the " Green Revolution in India " of the 1970s. View Answer. Why ? Asked by Wiki User. Why ? The secular affairs of the Parsees are managed by an elective committee, or panchayat, composed of six dasturs and twelve mobeds, making a council of eighteen. was founded in 2010 and our goal is to have definitions for any english word. the once green tree caught fire, signalling the start of revolution What is a good sentence with the word revolution? The green revolution occurred during the period of 1950 to the late 1960s. By Francis Fukuyama. ; When I was a child, born in a mud but without water or electricity, the Green Revolution had just struck Punjab. Translations. It is true that yields increased and that from 1965-1969 Mexico was a net exporter. Word Power: The Green Revolution As a collaboration between Reader's Digest and a development studio called Fit Brains, a company responsible for … Green revolution, great increase in production of food grains (especially wheat and rice) that resulted in large part from the introduction into developing countries of new, high-yielding varieties, beginning in the mid-20th century. 1. Definition of green revolution in the dictionary. Definition of green revolution in the dictionary. the rapid development of industry that occurred in the late 18th and 19th centuries, brought about by the introduction of machinery . The use of timing device in sport came during the French Revolution. Definition the introduction of pesticides and high-yield grains and better management during the 1960s and 1970s which greatly increased agricultural productivity . Information and translations of green revolution in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Top Answer. Answer the following questions in a sentence each : Dr. M. S. Swaminathan is called The Pioneer of Green Revolution. 2. Answer. poojap03333 poojap03333 21.08.2020 Social Sciences Secondary School What is green revolution in one sentence?? Essay # The Basic Strategy of the Green Revolution: The new policy towards agriculture which began in the mid- 1960s, was a departure from the earlier approach in a number of ways. What is Green Revolution? Achievements of Green Revolution: Let us now turn our analysis towards the achievement of new agricultural strategy adopted in India. Example sentences for once. Green Revolution occurred as a result of the adoption of the “new agricultural strategy” in 1964-65. Sentences. View Answer. Gain resistance to pests and disease To taste better To grow flowers To look prettier Question 5 Complete the following sentence: The greatest increase in food production was_____. What does green revolution mean? 3.

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