During one of his missionary journeys St. Paul visited Ephesus in Turkey. Damascus - Capital of modern Syria. Paul's First Missionary Journey for Little Kids. This wall map compares a Bible map — side-by-side with a modern-day map showing present cities and count He traveled from Syrian Antioch to Derbe, and back again. Acts tells us that he spent a significant portion of his time in Ephesus, about 2-3 years. Such a map may be found in the back of many Bibles and in some encyclopedias. Ask a Question! Helpful. They crossed over the island and came to the town of Paphos (PAY fus). Barnabas and Paul were teachers in the church at Antioch (ANT e ock). He stops in Lystra to pick up the young disciple who accompanies him, assists him, and serves as a sort of apprentice under him. The church fasted and prayed and sent them on their way. Acts reports that he initially was warmly received. In Paul’s second missionary journey (51-54 A.D.) he re-visits a couple cities in Asia, one of which was Lystra where he was stoned and left for dead a few years earlier. May 1, 2014 - Explore deb Nagel's board "Paul's Journey" on Pinterest. Paul's second missionary journey began in the spring of 49 A.D. when he set out from Antioch, Syria, to visit the churches he had established in Asia Minor on his first journey. Add to wishlist. map), while Barnabas took John Mark and sailed to Cyprus. Description; Map for Grade 4 Reading: Exploring With God. He stays in the city about three years (Acts 19:1-20). Showing 12 coloring pages related to - Pauls Missionary Journeys. published by Rod and Staff Publishers. Journeys. Paul's Journeys: Then and Now compares a Bible map of the lands where Paul traveled, side-by-side with a modern-day map of those same lands. Both the Jews and the Gentiles invite them to talk more next Sabbath day and at that time almost the whole city gathers. In 57, upon completion of his third missionary journey, Paul arrived in Jerusalem for his fifth and final visit with a collection of money for the local community. In Ephesus Paul discovers twelve believers who were baptized but who did'nt as yet have God's spirit. Paul finally arrives in Jerusalem, officially ending his 3rd Missionary Journey. Day 2. "Journeys of Paul" Markable Map - SHIPPED IN A TUBE. - Newsletter. The Apostle Paul's Missionary Journeys 1: This map is a panoramic view of the Apostle Paul's missionary journeys and includes maps of much of the ancient Roman empire. Paul's second missionary journey took place between 49 AD and 52 AD, more than 1900 years ago. One of the city-states of The Decapolis, and a great centre of trade. Visitors to modern-day Antakya (Antioch) in Turkey will find little evidence of the thriving Christian community that developed here in Paul’s day. It is fully laminated, making it durable and easy to use. After leaving Sidon, the prevailing winds force them to pass east and north of Cyprus on their way west to Myra. Paul was an Anatolian, born in the Roman city of Tarsus on the eastern Mediterranean coast of what is now Turkey. I have also included a map of Paul's journeys below since this article refers to so many different geographical locations. Apostle Paul's Third Journey large map. A Greek-speaking, Roman province in south-eastern Asia Minor, an important city and major centre of learning. Ask a Question! Read more. These bright colorful Bible maps are affordable and have large print. Since he had spent 3 years in the city of Ephesus, this whole journey must have lasted 4 or 5 years, from roughly 53 AD to 58 AD. Tour . Their journey first began in the city of Antioch of Syria where they were told by the Holy Spirit to go and spread the good news of Jesus. In order to view these you must be sure that your pop-up filter is disabled. Map of the Apostle Paul's Second Missionary Journey 51-54 A.D. View Interactive Map This map reveals the areas in Asia and Greece where Paul visited in his second missionary journey. The Paul's First Missionary Journey Map outlines his first Evangelical Mission itinerary. Paul then announces a change in his Evangelical Mission which from then on would be mainly to the Gentiles (Acts 13:13-48). It measures 19 3/8' x 26' and is in full color on the front with black and white text on the back. Information about the modern-day cities is sometime also provided. Click on any of the map markers and more information about that place will pop up. Paul's three missionary journeys and his journey to Rome are described and detailed on this colorful, topographical map. Timeline on Apostle Paul's Life - ESV; Timeline - BlueLetterBible; Another site for Timeline Chart of Paul's Life; The Appian Way - Traveled by Paul to Rome - Acts 28:15-16; Map of Paul's First Missionary Journey (48 A.D.) Map of Paul's Second Missionary Journey (51 A.D.) Acts 8:1-13:3 Journeys of Philip the Evangelist More… Paul’s First Journey. First Missionary Journey. These trips are covered in the Book of Acts of the Bible. Istanbul – The Magnificent Hagia Sophia and Ancient Mosaic Churches. Apostle Paul's Second Journey large map. - Newsletter. This little map is a fold-out map, and can easily slip inside a cover of your Bible, to keep it handy, for looking up the ancient places. Paul's Journeys. This map shows all of the main cities where Paul and Barnabas traveled for their first missionary journey! The detailed chronology follows this section. And while he was there he encountered some disciples who had not heard the full Gospel message or the Holy Spirit. Map of Paul's first mission journey. Born a Jew in Alexandria, he had a special talent as an eloquent and forcible speaker. First Missionary Journey . Second Missionary Journey. I love the modern day map that shows where modern places are, relative to the places the Bible talks about. The clear, colorful map provides a simple way of enhancing many New Testament Bible stories, including Paul's Journeys, Barnabas, Silas, the Road to Damascus, Peter, and the churches of Revelation. Both pilgrimage and picturesque journey, this land and cruise tour to mainland Greece, the Greek Isles, and Turkey leads you to many significant sites of the New Testament as well as some of the most magnificent sights of the Mediterranean. In Paul’s first letter to Timothy, he addresses him as “my true son in the faith.” (1 Timothy 1:2) We first meet Timothy in Acts 16 when Paul is heading out on his second missionary journey. See more ideas about journey, paul the apostle, paul's missionary journeys. They sailed to the island of Cyprus (SIE prus). Click on a city or district name for information on the history of that region and Paul's ministry there. "The Pearl of the East", an ancient and important city of Syria, standing at over 2,000 feet in a large oasis. Beroea (or Berea) was an ancient city of the Hellenistic period and Roman Empire now known as Veria (or Veroia) in Macedonia, northern Greece.It is a small city on the eastern side of the Vermio Mountains north of Mount Olympus.The town is mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles as a place where the apostles Paul, Silas, and Timothy preached the Christian gospel John Mark separated from Barnabas and Paul and Paul begins to take leadership of the journey during this time.Although many people in the synagogues believed, Jewish leaders eventually persecuted and then expelled Paul and Barnabas from the city. Chapter Five of the book Evidence and Paul’s Journeys is titled “Paul’s Voyage to Rome and Shipwreck” and is reproduced in ... the ship arrives in Sidon the next day. 0.48 lbs; Item #1-11481. Paul’s Three Missionary Journeys ESV Study Bible, Crossway, 2001 Paul’s Second Missionary Journey (Acts 15:36–18:22) – (Circa 49–51) Paul and Silas revisited the places in Asia Minor where Paul had preached on his first journey (cf. You can too, on a Christian Tour. Paul’s third missionary journey was a longer trip than the previous two, and he spent his time shoring up the churches he had planted on his first two journeys. A collection of historical maps covering the history of Germany from its beginning to our days, including also the history of the Austria and Switzerland. Follow the excitement of the Apostle Paul's journeys with the large, classroom-size Paul's Journeys: Then and Now® Bible Map. One day during a worship service the Holy Spirit revealed His special plans for the two men. He traveled extensively in “Asia” (ie, Asia Minor, or Anatolia) spreading Jesus’s teachings. This 19" x 25" laminated poster is an excellent companion to the fourth grade reading unit on the Book of Acts. From about 46 AD to 48 AD (more than 1900 years ago), Paul the evangelist undertook his first mission journey. Click on any of the map markers and more information about that place will pop up. Below you will find links to animated, interactive maps for each of the Apostle Paul's missionary journeys. He traveled through part of Asia and Europe. Priscilla and her husband Aquila attend an Ephesian synagogue and hear a man named Apollos. The information is up-to-date and is taken from the Holman Bible Atlas. He was likely trained in the rhetorical schools near the city of his birth. Missionary Journeys of St. Paul. FOLLOW THE MAP. Paul baptizes them in His name and they receive God's Holy Spirit (Acts 19:1-7). The map of St Paul's journeys through modern Turkey: St Paul - one of the Apostoles - is known to have travelled a lot along the coast of Asia Minor. Accommodation. Then and Now Bible Map® Pamphlet is a full-color booklet that includes 17 maps showing biblical cities and countries in black and modern-day map boundaries in red. All maps appear in a separate pop-up window. Some of the smaller places are not shown, and that is about the only negative I can see. They cover the major biblical areas: Canaan, Assyria, Babylon, Egypt, Paul's Journeys to Rome, and the land given to the 12 tribes of Israel. Tarsus - Capital of Cilicia in Asia Minor, and Paul's home. What's Included: Transfer. This upsets some Jews who speak against them. $7.15; Qty: Add to cart. This journey is described in the Bible's book of Acts, chapters 13 and 14. All of the major cities are identified, but you may wish to look on a more detailed map of Paul's journeys as well. St Peter’s Cave Church is in a cave believed to be the meeting place where Peter taught the early Christian believers … This journey is described in the Bible's book of Acts, chapters 15, 16, 17 and 18. 15 people found this helpful. Reliefs of the Virgin Mary are cracked yet resplendent, chronicles of Paul's journey are inscribed yet faded, and there's a feeling of grandeur that's set to remain throughout this historic vacation. Day 3. Answer Paul preached in modern-day Syria, Turkey and Greece.He says that he visited 'Arabia', which is in modern-day Jordan, but does not say whether he preached there. Following his arrival in Jerusalem, Paul is arrested and jailed for two years, eventually being sent to Rome as a prisoner. (Location: The map of modern Turkey and vicinity.) Uploaded by catwoman on 10/13/2005, viewed 51949 times. Acts 17:1 After meeting with the believers at Lydia’s house, Paul and Silas leave Luke behind in Philippi and travel along the Via Egnatia through Amphipolis and Apollonia (see Map 24).. Amphipolis and Apollonia. Valentine Day Coloring; Pauls Missionary Journeys. Map of Paul's second mission journey.

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