We know you value your kids, and we do too! We want your kids to have fun here, to make friends here, to feel at home here – and we’ll do what we can to make that all happen.

GROWZONE is the name of our ministry to children here at Fellowship Church. Our greatest goal is to help kids understand how great God is by making this the best hour in every kids week. We pray that their discovery of His greatness will result in a life filled with love for Him and service to Him. Our vision states just that… To make known the greatness of God to children so that they will grow to love and serve Him forever. That means we want to inject an understanding of God into their world: at their level and in a way that excites and makes sense to them. That’s what we’re all about when it comes to kids here at Fellowship.

The Seedling Ministry is our childcare service, here at Fellowship Church, for children from birth to three years old. A tree starts out as a tiny little seed needing tender loving care. This is how we think about the babies brought to our nursery. We work hard to provide a safe and caring place for them each Sunday. During all of our worship services, you can leave your little ones with us and know that they will be shown the love and concern that you as a parent expect. It’s just what the Lord Jesus Himself calls us to provide. Our Seedling’s program is divided into two sections. Seedling’s 1 is geared for newborns to 24 month’s. Seedling’s 2 is the room next to it which is geared to ages 2 & 3 year olds. Seedling’s 2 is more structured with an age appropriate program your little one’s will love!

Health Precautions
To ensure the health of all those entering the Seedling Rooms, please be aware of the following. Children who have any contagious health concerns (such as a green runny nose, chicken pox that have not scabbed, etc) cannot be left in the Seedling rooms. All snacks will be provided by our staff so please be sure to notify them of any food allergies.

& Pick-up System
Upon entering the Seedling Rooms, you will be required to sign in, providing us with your name, the name of your child and any special instructions about the care of your child. You will be given a numbered pager that corresponds to the cubby where your child’s belonging’s will be stored. To pick-up your child, you will need to return the numbered pager and sign out your child. For safety reasons, no child will be released without the matching pager (even to a family member). If you have given permission for someone else to pick up your child, he/she must have the numbered pager to do so.